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Holistic Massage Therapy

We are pleased to welcome Jo from MoJO Holistic Massage Therapy to our team. Jo will be offering our clients her wealth of massage experience in the comfort and tranquillity of our salon.

For further information or to secure an appointment please call Jo on 07491640192 or emailmojojoanne@outlook.com

The Following services will be available

Aromatherapy Massage

Specifically tailored blends allow for a personalised experience

Comforting and relaxing stimulation of the senses

Creates a sense of well-being and promotes the bodies’ natural healing process

Full body Massage (90 minutes) £46 Half body massage (45 minutes) £26

Thai seated massage

Invigorates the nervous system

Relieves pain and tension

Improves circulation and flexibility

Full routine (40 minutes) £26

Hot Stone Massage

Comforting and relaxing

Can help eliminate toxins

Great for relieving stress and fatigue

Full body (90 minutes) £46 Half body (45 minutes) £26


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